Kildonan Norwegian Forest Cats

                                                                                              Imported from Australia

                                                            UK, Norway and Denmark Bloodlines

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The first litter Dianne bred was back in the 60's and wasn't planned. She was given a purebred Tortie and white Persian but before she could be spayed she'd mated with the local ginger tom. The resulting kittens were fabulous and all secured excellent homes and lived long lives. So from there the interest in breeding cats and the genetics began. The 'Kildonan' prefix was registered in the 60's and Siamese, Colourpoints and Persians were all bred. Now in retirement it's Norwegian Forests only. Back in 1992 she acquired a 3 year old Norwegian Forest speyed Tabby and white female that had come in from the USA, she was magnificent, a Queen of Cats and lived another 18 years with us. So from then on no other cat would do but a Norwegian Forest Cat.

Many thanks to all who have emailed me about kittens. I have been overwhelmed with the number or enquiries, because of the threat of another covid lock down the cats have been given a rest year. Hopefully we will be back on track this coming summer 2021-22.

Thank you all,